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Generally speaking, most everyone is looking for that next opportunity. But competition can be a little tough at times, especially if you are in a situation where several others are also looking for that same opportunity. What can you do to stand out?

In addition to the quick tips that are listed inside “5 Quick Tips to Accelerate Your Career”, there are some other areas you could consider.

Show off Your Expertise – One way to accelerate your career is to become an expert in your field and show off your expertise. If you write a blog, articles, do volunteer work, or have presented on something outside of work, then share your accomplishments with others. It will also come in handy around performance review time, or when others are looking for resources in an area that you are an “expert” in.

Share your goals – Sometimes you may feel as if you are getting looked over for opportunities  at work. Well it could be that others are not even aware that you are interested. So if you would like to be considered in the future, be sure to let someone know. It can be as simple as saying “The next time you all are looking for help on “any topic/issue/project” I would be very interested in working on a project like that in the future. Sometimes they may welcome you right away to the team if needed, and other times it becomes a mental note for future projects.  By putting yourself out there — it really does make it easier for those looking for help to find you.

Give Feedback — Another thing you can do to stand out is to give feedback and lot’s of it. The next time you get an email at work, instead instead of reading the email and moving on to your next one, why not take the time to provide feedback on the message. At meetings or conference calls, use those opportunities to ask questions or share your opinion.The more you do this, the more people will be looking for you to jump in the conversation with your thoughts. That helps you to stand out over others and can lead to all sorts of opportunities.

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A Pose Small  Alisa Charles is the creator of Style Your Career for Busy Moms. She is also a certified  Senior Professional in Human   Resources (SPHR, SHRM-SCP) and has been practicing human resources for over 20 years. She is the author of “90 New Employee  Orientation Ideas for Human Resources Professionals” currently available on In addition to her HR background,  Alisa is a certified Personal & Executive coach and enjoys using her extensive HR experience with her coaching background to assist individuals in achieving their goals.