welcome_thumb_tacks_text_10933 (12)About Style Your Career

Alisa Charles is the creator of Style Your Career for Busy Mom’s which is dedicated to partnering with busy mom’s looking to accelerate their career, pursue personal aspirations, and achieve work life balance for more purpose, results and recognition.

Accelerating your career can mean different things to different people. For some it may mean getting into position for a promotion, making more money, or participating in a special project or task at work. For others, it could mean obtaining greater recognition at work, or within one’s profession. Whatever the objective, it’s all about creating the path to get there.

There are those who are seeking to look beyond their day job and pursue a life long goal or aspiration. It could be writing a book, starting a new business or hobby. Or it could be other aspirations related to a talent or skill. Whatever goal or aspiration you would like to pursue, Alisa would love to partner with you to help see your vision come to life.

Achieving better work life balance to more effectively fit it all in is a great way to get back on track to what is really important. Removing the clutter from the daily schedule will allow for more time to do the things you really enjoy. Alisa would love to assist you in with discovering a better balance for a much happier and productive life.

how is ths accomplishedThis is accomplished using a variety of formats.This includes free resources, quick starts,  online training, one-on-one coaching, consulting, speaking and more. 

If you would like more information on how Alisa and Style Your Career can partner with you, please feel free to contact Alisa at any time.

why was syc created

As a Human Resources professional and a busy mom of 3,  Alisa has talked with so women who were dealing with frustration, burnout and stagnation in their current roles. She has also personally witnessed the struggle of individuals who felt overlooked, underutilized, and stuck in their careers. Then there were others who felt like they were meant to do even more in life and in their careers and ready to take that next step. Additionally, there were also those who felt like that were spending too much time working and not enough time living.

After working through these challenges with several individuals throughout her career, she enjoyed being apart of helping to shift perspective, inspire to take control over their own career journey, and in working through a plan to get there.

Therefore, Alisa started Style Your Career to achieve greater purpose in her own life by helping people in a much greater capacity. Style Your career allows her to use her HR experience and coaching background to help make a difference with each person she may have the pleasure of working with.

how do I get started

When you sign up for news and updates from Style Your Career, you will get updates that will include career advice, updates, and special promotions. You are also able to look directly on this site to access free resources and other programs that are currently available here.