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Style Your Career Quick Start

In this digital format, get ready to learn about 5 strategies that will get you started fast with styling your career, your way.


More Details

Inside this Quick Start I  will share several tools and ideas right at the start that will kick-start some self-discovery to better understand your gift, talents and strengths and how to ensure it’s incorporated into your overall career plan.  By the end of this quick start you should be more clear on where you are now and what goals you would like to see accomplished right away. 

7-Day Unlimited E-mail Coaching Package

With this package, you will receive the Style Your Career Quick Start as mentioned above, plus 7 days of unlimited access to the email coaching program. During the 7 days you can ask questions, as well as obtain career or HR advice.


More Details

This format provides you with access to the Quick Start, along with the opportunity to follow-up with me directly with any questions or feedback you may have.  By the end of the 7 days you will be more clear on the next steps that work best for your and your goals.

30-Day Unlimited Email Coaching Package (Most Popular)

Inside this 30-day package you will receive the Style Your Career Quick Start plus  access to the email coaching program for 30 days. 

More Details

There is so much that can be accomplished during this 30 day program. We will be able to explore deeper on the areas that are important to you regarding you career objectives and next steps. Each week of the program will focus on a particular area and we will wrap up with a comprehensive plan that can be used even after the 30 days is over.


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