Your resume is one of the best ways to capture all your experience, education and achievements in a well-organized way. Keep your resume current and have it professionally reviewed for feedback.


Quick! If someone were to ask you what you do, how would you respond? Would you say something like “My name is… and I am a IT Help Desk Technician? or would you say something like “My name is … and  I  help provide solutions to the most common computer problems quickly and professionally resulting  in happy clients who keep me on speed dial as their go-to-person for any of their IT needs.” Your elevator speech is your 30-45 second pitch to respond to the question “What do you do?” You want it to be to the point and something than can be remembered.


Continue to develop your expertise with additional education or certifications. You can do volunteer work and share your knowledge with others. You could also write a professional blog , an e-book or article and share content that highlights your knowledge and skills.


Another way to promote your brand is to have your own business card. Here you will have your contact information and links to your online profiles, website, etc. You can also include a professional photo, a slogan, and any other attributes that will make YOUR card stand out.


This is a statement that reflects who you are and what you have to offer. Your brand statement can replace your objective on your resume, and can be included on your website and online profiles.


A personal website is another great way to promote your brand. It could be a great extension of your resume. You can showcase samples of your work, have  a blog, testimonials, and so much more.


If a potential employer or prospect were to Google you right now, what would they find? Or would they find anything at all? What does your online presence say about you and your brand? Go ahead and Google yourself and see what comes up. You want to make sure there aren’t items online that could hurt your brand and therefore hurt your chances of obtaining that next opportunity.


What type of images are you using online and do they positively represent your career brand? Are there photos that can be found online that could hurt your brand? When you do your Google search, this is another item you will want to look for.

Style Your Career Brand

Are you ready to Style Your Career Brand, Your Way? It’s all about packaging your skills, abilities and achievements in an impactful way. By packaging your career brand and incorporating  it into your resume, social media profiles, etc, you are on your way to making a memorable impression to those who view your information. This will certainly help you to stand out over the competition.

This works well for those looking for a new position by helping you to market yourself to employers. This also benefits those currently employed by helping to get noticed for promotions and other opportunities at work.

Feel free to click on each item to learn how it can enhance your career brand.

Alisa's Top Ten Style Your Career Brand Tips

  1. Be able to articulate who you are and what skills you want to highlight in a clear and concise way
  2. Determine your expertise by what you do best; ask for feedback to determine if it matches your perceptions
  3. Understand that developing your brand is a process; it will evolve and change as you do
  4. Package your expertise and consider creating a statement that represents your brand
  5. Ensure that your resume and cover letter supports your brand
  6. Consider having consistent social profiles so no matter where you are found online, our message is the same
  7. Be sure to join related online groups and networks and share your expertise
  8. Join industry associations and make connections
  9. Keep up with the latest trends and updates in your field
  10. Always continue networking

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